Who doesn't love a hoodie? Perfect for workwear as they keep your neck warm on those cold Winter mornings. Are often used as leavers hoodies, residential trip hoodies, Scout camp hoodies, School trip hoodies & many school sports departments often use hoodies as part of their day to day uniform. Not everyone is lucky enough to wear them at work but hoodies are the ultimate in casual wear, athleisure wear & comfy casual is set to be the look for 2021 so far! Hoods are versatile in that they come in many options from zipped hooded sweatshirts, contrast hoods, contrasting arm hoodies, cropped hoodies, sleeveless hoodies, sports hoodies, polyester hoodies & children's hoods, ladies zipped hoodies & more! Have a look down below...

Kustom Kit Hooded Sweatshirt K333 black main lifestyle

Regular Fit Hoodie

Great value for money and ideal for workwear as it's durable and washes brilliantly over time. Constructed from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, this reg...
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RX350 RTX pro hoodie bottle green front main image

RTX Pro Hoodie

This RTX Pro hoodie is our best value for money.  Ideal for workwear as it's durable and washes brilliantly over time, even at 60 degrees! Constructed...
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K303 Kustom Kit Zipped Hoodie Model

Superwash Zipped Hoodie

This Superwash 60° Hooded Zipped Jacket is as comfortable as it is practical with a 65% polyester and 35% cotton brushed back jersey composition. Feat...
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